Monday, September 28, 2009


A disease of the pig. No, I don't have the bacon lung. What I do have is a pleasant demeanor combined with the sheer annoyance of media proportions.

I know my blog is my blog, but that does not mean I can go on a tirade against current media trends, considering that I'm slowly becoming a part of that trade.

Anyway, back to H1N1. I think I'm going to make a picture that's reminiscent of this phenomenon. Human sickness. Of the stomach. Of the mind. Scary, scary.


You now know my design ideas for the Octoberfest competition. DONUT STEEL.

I also got some other upcoming projects that I need to finish sooner rather than later.

Here is heartwork, my WIP for the SIGGRAPH logo competition.

And here are some things I made as a result of free time and more free time.


I wonder if I should continue posting poetry on here. Probably not, considering it's not new.


Frowny face.

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